A tactical guide to growth marketing. Learn how Dropbox, Stitch Fix, & LinkedIn drove billions in revenue.

  • 15 step-by-step strategies from growth marketing experts at high-growth companies.

  • In-depth modules on every stage of growth: segmentation, acquisition, product, testing, to analysis.

  • Learn how to build customer segments, target them in ads, monetize them in product, and test the results.

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Published by ClearBrain. Compiled by Diana Arteaga. Designed by Knurture.
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Expert Perspectives from Dozens of Leading Growth Teams

Build advanced customer segments and target them in personalized ads. Optimize your onboarding and freemium funnels. Test and measure the results.


What is growth marketing? Growth marketing, as we will explore in this playbook, is about creating true, sustainable growth through a variety of techniques. It’s about crafting unforgettable user experiences, writing emails worth opening, but most importantly, it’s about applying the scientific mindset to economic problems.

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